Surrounding / Babar Enclave Islamabad


  • 200 ft. wide Approach Road (under developed) linked with Jinnah Avenue (old Kuri Road).
  • IT University, Comprising 41 Acres of Land (Site allocated by CDA).
  • National Zoo and Botanical Garden, comprising 583 Acres of Land (Site allocated by CDA).
  • CDA Mega Kuri Agro Farms comprising 5 & 10 Acres of land each.


  • Mohra Nur Road(40 ft. wide) linked with Park Road & Jinnah Road.
  • NIH Main Road via Mohra Nur Road = 02 km.
  • Park Road via Jinnah Road = 05 km. & via Mohra Nur Road = 3.5 km.


  • Beautiful Backdrop of Bani Gala Hills. (Adjacent)
  • Murree Road via Korung Road = 05 km.


  • CDA Mega Kuri Agro Farms comprising 5 & 10 Acres each.
  • Jinnah Avenue via 200 ft. wide Main Approach Road = 600 meter.

Mega Surrounding Assets To Be Developed Soon ( Within 05 Km Radius )

Babar Enclave has socially and entrepreneurially synergized intrinsic values from mega neighbouring strategic assets of multi billion rupees. This dream enclave is located in the heart of capital city Islamabad. Our mega neighbouring assets to be developed soon includes.

  • National Zoo come park and Botanical Garden, the largest zoo of Asia (583 Acres)
  • CDA Civic Center within Kuri Agro Farms
  • OGDCL Polo Grounds
  • Humdard University
  • National University of Information Technology (41.5 Acres)
  • Federal Law University (35 Acres)
  • Kuri Model Town & CDA Park Enclave
  • A Mega Housing Scheme of PHA Foundation
  • Hospital (20 Acres)
  • Beacon House Headquarters
  • Zong Headquarters
  • National University of Engineering Science and Technology (215 Acres)

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